Financial Management

Nine of the top ten reasons why businesses fail are attributed to an aspect of poor financial management*.

Business Fixers has been involved in the financial management of small and medium sized business for 30 years. Along the way we have picked up many useful contacts and gained substantial experience which we can pass on to help you and your colleagues in progressing your business. Having worked hands on with business owners we have developed entrepreneurial skills, and understand the day-to-day and longer term issues they face.

We work alongside you and your colleagues, acting as your part-time financial director, on a regular basis, for the long term.

This may be a daily, weekly or monthly commitment, which we will agree with you.
It is difficult to measure or quantify (or value) 30 years of experience but if you were to seek it from professional firms of accountants or management consultants you will find it costs several hundred pounds per hour.

The way we prefer to operate is to charge a realistic fixed monthly retainer, that the business can afford, compensated by either a small equity stake in the company or a similar profit sharing arrangement. Small equity participation does not impact on the other shareholders, but provides a strong enough incentive to assist with adding value to the business. We believe we actually add more value to the remaining shareholders by being a participator, than they lose by giving up such a small stake.

Developing a successful relationship in business is an on-going and sensitive matter. We recognise this, and it is important to emphasise that there is no obligation at any stage of the initial process. Introductory meetings are free, and if a mutually attractive relationship cannot be worked out then you will have lost nothing.

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(*Dr Jeff Cornwall, Director of Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee ).

Top Ten Reasons Why Businesses Fail

Jeff Cornwall